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Aria planner

HRV designer assistant

Aria Planner is a selection tool for HEATPEX ARIA heat recovery ventilation system. We hope that the tool will ease the process of creating a list of materials necessary to create an efficent HRV installation in your home.

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3 simple steps

Step 1

Airflow balancing

Add rooms from your house. The tool will automatically calculate appropriate airflows based on type of the room, size and number of people in your home.



Step 2

Select HEATPEX ARIA configuration

Decide how you want to connect HEATPEX ARIA system to the HRV unit. You can choose between central or side connection. You also need to select how distribution boxes are connected to each other if needed. There is an option to connect them side to side or on top of each other.

Based on you inputs, the tool will prepare a list of materials.

Step 3

Save and download your project

Save your work and download your project. In the document, you will find airflow values the tool have calculated, list of materials based on your configuration and various tips regarding installation of heat recovery ventilation system.



Check Aria Planner