Delta Flexible pre-insulated pipes

DELTA pipes are a safe and efficient solution for the transmission of hot and cold domestic water as well as for the distribution of the heating medium. They are manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 15632 -1 and 3 standard. The PE foam filling and the corrugated PE-HD polyethylene casing pipe make them flexible and resistant to mechanical damage when laying and avoiding obstacles in the field.

The layer of insulation made of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam with a low air conductivity coefficient, minimizes heat losses during transmission of the medium. For this reason, this solution is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

DELTA pipes are equipped with an individual solution in the form of a marker for the type of pipe and the manufacturer. DELTA pipes are provided with a pipeline heating system that provides protection against freezing or maintains the desired temperature of the medium.



ARIA VITALE heat recovery ventilation unit


Ventilation is an important factor in every building. A house does not “breathe” without proper ventilation. We have created a ventilation unit that not only ensures the highest air quality but also has been designed with attention to every detail. In addition, we are very pleased that the innovativeness of ARIA VITALE has been appreciated by the jury of the IF Design and Red Dot Design competitions.


How to optimally prepare the heat recove...

It is important to properly prepare the heat recovery unit for the winter season because low temperatures and humid atmospheric conditions can significantly affect its efficiency and stability of operation. To ensure that the device will operate smoothly even in challenging weather conditions, it is necessary to carry out appropriate preventive actions and protections. Below are detailed guidelines that will help you properly prepare the unit for the winter season to ensure its stable and efficient operation.


Constant Airflow Regulation in ARIA VITA...

Constant Airflow Regulation in ARIA VITALE Heat Recovery Units! The Constant Flow sensors used in ARIA VITALE central units guarantee a consistent volume of air in the building, resulting in maintaining adequate indoor air quality and optimizing energy consumption.


HEATPEX ARIA CONNECT system is free from...

Legionellosis is a disease caused by Legionella bacteria, especially Legionella pneumophila.


Free cooling in heat recovery ventilation

Free cooling technology is both environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient than traditional cooling methods, resulting in lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. But what exactly is free cooling when it comes to heat recovery ventilation? Instead of relying on compressor-powered air conditioners, which consume electricity to cool the air, free cooling utilizes cool atmospheric air. This method proves particularly advantageous in regions with temperate climates, where daytime and nighttime temperatures significantly differ, enabling the natural temperature variation to be harnessed for cooling purposes.


HEATPEX is a producer of the highest quality DELTA pre-insulated pipe systems, FORTO casing pipes for electrical applications, as well as a modern solution for ventilation and energy recovery ventilation ARIA for single family houses. Our basic offer is supplemented by renowned Polish and foreign producers.

We focus on long-term relationships with our contractors, which is why we combine the high technical and quality level of the designed solutions with efficient service of the entire investment and after-sales process. By creating innovative solutions, we cooperate with the most prestigious scientific and technical institutions.


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