Distribution box 8×90 mm – new

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Distribution box 8×90 mm – NEW

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Distribution box ARIA CONNECT with OneClick technology® is connected directly to the MHRV unit and used to supply fresh air into habitable rooms or extract used air from the „dirty” rooms.

1 distribution box will allow the connection of up to 8 90 mm pipes and the main central or side approach. The installation requires the use of two sets of boxes – for supply air and for exhaust air.

  • Sockets with gaskets and rings in the OneClick technology® - 8 x 90 mm in basic configuration allowing for quick and convenient intallation of ventilation pipes.
  • Modular construction enables expansion with additional distribution boxes using horizontal (12 x 90 mm) and vertical couplings (16 x 90 mm)
  • Designed to be connected to the main central connector or the main side connector.
  • High mechanical resistance thanks to the use of specialized additive in the form of a plasticizer.
  • The highest airtightness class - ATC1 according to PN-EN 17192

The distribution box contains the following parts*):

  • Main body with 4 sockets – 1 piece
  • 2x90 mm module with elliptical seat gasket – 2 piece
  • Cover with a gasket – 2 piece
  • Mounting ring for the pipe – 10 piece
  • End cap with gasket – 10 piece

*) The distribution box is supplied as a factory-assembled unit.

SYSTEM Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Number of sockets Material Weight [kg] Catalogue number
90 mm 522 470 106 8 PP 1,85 52309000100W