The offer of pre-insulated steel pipes includes a complete range of pipes, fittings and pre-insulated fittings for the transmission of heating medium and hot utility water. Pipes are supplied in a wide range of carrier pipe diameters – in the case of a single pipe from DN 20 mm to DN 1200 mm, and in the case of a double pipe from DN 20 mm to DN 200 mm. For underground heating networks, a PEHD high-density polyethylene pipe is used as a casing pipe; for overhead heating networks, pipes are made in casing made of rolled sheets (SPIRO type). Pre-insulated pipes can be equipped with a polyurethane insulation moisture detection system.

• Pipes manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 253, PN-EN 448, PN EN 489, PN-EN 13941,

• A wide range of pipe operating temperatures up to max. + 152 ° C,

• Complex construction of pipes,

• Ready pre-insulated elements (elbows, tees, valves),

• Leak detection systems (impulse or brandes),

• Low PUR foam insulation coefficient λ = max. 0.029 (W / mK),

• Long installation life