PEX-A installation pipes


HEATPEX PEX pipes are manufactured in diameters from DZ 16 mm to Dz 450 mm of cross-linked polyethylene, obtained by modification with the Engel method.

The heatPEX pipes have an EVOH anti-diffusion barrier, preventing oxygen from penetrating the heating medium. They are used to perform local distribution, underfloor heating and central heating installation risers. in single and multi-family housing. SaniPEX pipes are most often used for local distribution and cold and hot water risers in single and multi-family housing. They cannot be used in heating systems due to the lack of the EVOH diffusion barrier.

The Pert / Al / Pert multilayer pipe system is available in diameters from Dz 16 mm to Dz 32 mm. The great versatility of the pipes allows the use of one type of pipes for the installation of central heating, floor and wall heating as well as hot and cold tap water. The pipes are characterized by high pressure and temperature resistance, durability, minimal linear expansion, low weight, high plasticity and resistance to oxygen diffusion.