Plenum box 2×90 mm – new

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Plenum box 2×90 mm – NEW

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The plenum box with OneClick technology® allows the connection of up to 2 90mm ducts to a 125 mm supply / exhaust air diffuser. Factory-assembled, complete with a set of plugs and gaskets. Leave unused slots blanked. Constructed from high quality polyproylene.

  • Sockets with gaskets and rings in the OneClick technology® (2x90 mm in basic configuration) allowing for quick and convenient installation of ventilation pipes.
  • Adaptable mounting flaps with height adjustment.
  • Smooth airflow adjustment thanks to a dedicated damper.
  • Ribs for easy cutting.
  • High mechanical resistance thanks to the use of a specialized additive in the form of a plasticizer
  • The highest airtightness class - ATC1 according to PN-EN 17192

The plenum box includes the following components *:

  • Main body – 1 piece
  • 2x90 module with elliptical seat gasket – 1 piece
  • Mounting ring for the pipe with gaskets – 2 pieces
  • End plug with gasket – 2 pieces
  • Adaptable mounting blade with screw – 2 pieces
  • Cover of the approach under the diffuser – 1 piece

*) The plenum box is supplied as a factory-assembled unit.

SYSTEM Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Internal diameter of the diffuser connection [mm] 90 connection height [mm] 125 mm pipe height Number of 75 mm connections Weight [kg] Material Catalog number
90 mm 263 315 447 125 106 mm 349 mm 2 0,78 PP 52329000100W