Solar pipes

The flexible pipe system for solar systems is available as SOLAR with rubber insulation, SOLAR PRO with rubber insulation and outer sheath. SOLAR and SOLAR PRO pipes are delivered in coils of 15m, 25m, 50m and 100m with diameters of DN 16 mm and DN 20 mm.

SOLAR and SOLAR PRO double pipes are equipped with a conduit
signal, enabling connection with control devices included in the solar system.

Advantages of solar pipes:
• line pipe made of high quality AISI316L stainless steel (acid-resistant)
• wide range of operating temperatures from -40 ° C up to 150 ° C (max 175 ° C)
• rubber insulation resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions
• low thermal conductivity λ = 0.038 (W / mK)

Solar tubes with rubber insulation

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Tubes intended for use in solar systems.

The SOLAR pipe is equipped with a rubber insulation with a standard thickness of 13 mm. Insulation resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions. The available diameters of SOLAR pipes are DN16 and DN20, in coil lengths: 15, 25, 50 and 100m. Double SOLAR pipes are equipped with a two-core signal cable.

  • Can be installed in difficult locations due to very good flexibility
  • High resistance to fungi and oils
  • Long life of the system
  • Can be used in cooling, heating and industrial installations
Dimension ØDn x s [mm] Coil length Sales unit Weight [kg] Number catalog
2 x 16 15 m 1 pkg. 10.00 120 015 016
2 x 16 25 m 1 pkg. 15.00 120 025 016
2 x 16 50 m 1 pkg. 30.00 120 050 016