We spend most of our lives indoors, so it is important to ensure that the air we breathe is of the best quality. The condition of the air in our house can be improved by installing a ventilation unit with heat recovery. ARIA VITALE is a modern HEATPEX device that will take care of air quality, while offering rich functionality.

We have created a ventilation unit that not only ensures the highest air quality but also has been designed in a sustainable way. We have used the best components and focused on installation speed and simplicity. The lightweight EPP casing makes the unit super quiet, provides aesthetic design while reducing the environmental footprint.

ARIA VITALE is the only heat recovery unit on the market today with SIX installation configurations. This gives each user the freedom to choose the right location and position of installation. Due to the unit’s low weight and various mounting configurations, installation and servicing are extremely simple.

Aria Vitale

Dry membrane trap with heatpex aria vitale 10/32 adapter

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A dry membrane trap with a 10/32 adapter for draining condensate from the ARIA VITALE heat recovery unit. The adapter with a brass 10 mm end is connected directly to the chosen drain in the heat recovery unit, and the trap is connected to the 32 mm sewage system.

The membrane located inside tightly seals the drain, preventing unpleasant odors from entering the sewage system. The membrane opens under the pressure of water, allowing the drain to open.

It’s worth noting that, unlike traditional pipe traps, the dry membrane trap is resistant to condensate drying out.

Thanks to its numerous advantages, this product is recommended for use with ARIA VITALE heat recovery units.

  • The trap dimensions are tailored for mounting the ARIA VITALE heat recovery unit in a wall-mounted position. For ceiling-mounted installation, an additional bend is required.
  • Efficiency in draining condensate: The membrane trap is an effective solution for draining condensate generated in the heat recovery unit due to the condensation of water vapor. Its design is based on a flexible membrane that can open and close depending on the quantity of condensate, allowing for effective moisture removal.
  • Protection against reverse airflow: Membrane traps are designed to prevent reverse airflow, which can occur when the pressure in the heat recovery unit drops. This prevents the secondary movement of moisture and condensate into the interior of the heat recovery unit.
  • Long-lasting performance: Membrane traps are durable and corrosion-resistant, contributing to the long-term efficiency and reliability of the recovery system.
  • Requires minimal maintenance: Membrane traps typically do not require frequent maintenance or cleaning, reducing the maintenance costs of the system.
Height Heat recovery unit connection diameter Sewer pipe diameter Mass [kg] Material Catalogue number
201 10 32 0,23 PVC, PP, MO58, EPDM 52600800100W


MVHR unit


Timeless design

ARIA VITALE comes in 5 unique models that can be easily customized to meet your needs. The MVHR unit contains a wide range of practical features and solutions, including Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity, a glass touch-screen control panel, 100% bypass, a built-in pre-heater, and mounting brackets, which enhance the comfort and simplicity of everyday use.

  • SILVER includes temperature sensor.
  • GOLD includes temperature sensor, humidity and CO2 sensor. 
  • GOLD CF includes temperature, humidity and CO2 and constant flow sensor. 
  • PLATINUM enthalpy includes temperature sensor, humidity and CO2 sensor and an enthlapy heat exchanger.
  • PLATINUM enthalpy CF includes temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors, a constant flow sensor, and an enthalpy heat exchanger.


Each model is available in three capacities (flow rates): 300, 450, and 600 m3/h.


The innovativeness and functionality of the HEATPEX ARIA VITALE was appreciated by the international jury of the IF and Red Dot Awards competitions and received the prestigious IF Design Award 2023 and Red Dot Award 2023.

Versatility & simplicity of installation

6 mounting options

ARIA VITALE is currently the only ventilation unit on the market with heat recovery that can be mounted in 6 positions without affecting the efficiency of the unit: wall-mounted, under-ceiling, floor-mounted, right and left mounting in any position.The unit can be freely rotated by 180° (right- or left-hand installation), without affecting the internal systems of the unit. Simply turn the control panel mounted on the heat recovery unit casing and select the appropriate drain tray (4 trays) to connect the condensate drainage. This allows for convenient connection of the unit to the air supply and air exhaust as well as the ventilation system.



ARIA VITALE is a light and compact device (depth is 36 cm and weight is only 27.5 kg), which significantly facilitates and speeds up installation.



The unit is designed according to Plug-and-Play philosophy, pre-wired and pre-configured. Once plugged in, it is immediately ready to use. Thanks to this, installation and service is extremely simple.

Highest indoor air quality for You and your family

ARIA VITALE is equipped with high-class cartridge filters that effectively protect against impurities, bacteria and viruses in the air:

  • filtration efficiency ISO ePM1 70% (F7) – recommended for air supply,
  • filtration efficiency ISO ePM10 50% (M5) – recommended for exhaust,
  • filter with active carbon (M5) absorbing odors – recommended for air supply

Ensuring healthy and pro-efficient indoor air requires paying special attention to the filtration of particles designated as PM1. They enter our body through the respiratory system. Studies show that a filter with an efficiency of at least ePM1 60% is needed to stop dangerous particles from the outside air.


In addition, the drain trays are covered with an antibacterial coating that prevents the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria, and the PLATINUM Enthalpy model uses an enthalpy heat exchanger with an antimicrobial and antiviral membrane.

Simple and intuitive controls

No expert knowledge is required to control the unit. The touch-screen control panel with a wireless connection module (included as standard with the device) is simple and intuitive. Defined operating modes: “vacation”, “party”, “automatic” and sensors automatically respond to poor air conditions and optimize the unit’s operation in terms of comfort, noise and energy consumption.



It is possible to move the control panel from the device to the wall. This is an ideal solution when the heat recovery unit is installed in the attic. In this case, we mount the panel blind on the unit, which is available along with the power cable.


Advanced settings and control options are available through an application for your phone and computer: Aria myHOME. It is also possible to connect the device to the Smart Home installation thanks to the Modbus protocol.


The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play


The high efficiency of the ARIA VITALE has been achieved thanks to carefully selected, high-quality counterflow heat exchangers with efficiencies of up to 95%.


In addition, the automation used includes weekly programming cycles, which offers the possibility of saving up to 30% energy compared to manual operation. Predefined operating modes on the control panel, including “vacation,” will quickly minimize the unit’s operation and provide further savings.

Airtight and silent

The housing of the ARIA VITALE heat recovery unit is made of laser-enriched EPP with a wall thickness of up to 50 mm. Both the laser, which precisely closes the pores between the EPP beads, as well as the wall thickness and automation configuration contribute to the quiet operation of the unit, especially at night.


In addition, the design of the casing, wall thickness, laser surface refinement and EPP connectors with a diameter of 200 mm integrated with the casing allowed for high tightness and complete elimination of thermal bridges and moisture condensation on the surface.

Hidden functionalities

The front panel of the unit hides several practical features:

Firstly, a washable note board allows the user to write down the next service or filter replacement appointments.
Secondly, the removable control panel located on the front of the unit can be moved to the wall for user convenience.

Thirdly, the slots for changing filters also act as a storage compartment for a marker pen and TORX wrenches.