Heat pumps revolutionize the way we heat our homes, offering an environmentally friendly and efficient source of heat energy. However, for these systems to work optimally, it is necessary to properly connect the external unit of the heat pump to the building.

HEATPEX offers a comprehensive solution in the form of ready-made sets of pre-insulated pipes and DELTA HEATpump accessories, as well as the ADURO HEATpump set for domestic hot water heating using heat pumps.


Couplings hela h

The HELA couplings are designed for installation at the ends of piping systems of PEX pipes in pre-insulated pipes for DELTA HP heat pump installations.

The available range includes connectors for pipes with diameters of 2x25mm, 2x32mm, 2x40mm in the PN 6 SDR 11 series

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Couplings HELA H

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  • The couplings are made of dezincification-resistant brass, ensuring high corrosion resistance and durability.
  • The innovative design allows for extremely easy installation without the need for specialized tools
  • They possess the PZH certification.
Name Pipe diameter Thread R [inch] Catalogue number
Coupling HELA H 25 25-6 25x2,3 1" 60602500100T
Coupling HELA H 32 25-6 32x2,9 1" 60603200100T
Coupling HELA H 40 32-6 40x3,7 1 1/4" 60604011400T

Comprehensive solution for heat pump installations


Complete heat pump kit

Application: Monoblock heat pumps

Discover the comprehensive DELTA HEATpump sets – the perfect solution for quick and hassle-free connection of monoblock heat pumps.

Our kits come in versions containing all the necessary elements, including:

  • DELTA HP pre-insulated pipes in three different sizes (25mm, 32mm, and 40mm) and 3 length variants (5m, 10m, and 15m),
  • HELA connectors,
  • dedicated rubber end caps END-CAP HP,
  • wall transition
  • and warning tape.

Additionally, we offer accessories separately, as well as DELTA HP pipes in 100m coils, to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptation to your needs.


Advantages of the kits

Advantages of the kits and the application of DELTA HP pre-insulated pipes enable flexible placement of the external unit of the monoblock heat pump in any preferred location. This solution eliminates the need to install the heat pump close to the building, opening up new possibilities and providing several benefits, including noise reduction and improvement of the building’s facade aesthetics.

  • Compactness: Delta HP pipes combine supply and return water pipes with sleeves for power supply and return electrical cables, reducing the number of wall penetrations.
  • Complete set of accessories: Ready-made kits containing everything needed for installation.
  • Flexibility: High flexibility of the pipes and small bending radius make routing them easy, even in challenging terrain.
  • Excellent insulation: Provides optimal working conditions for the heat pump.
  • Protection against damage: Effective protection of piping and electrical cables from damage and weather conditions through the use of durable protective casing.
  • Attractive price – cheaper in a kit!

DELTA HP pre-insulated pipe

Dedicated to heat pumps. Technology and high quality.

DELTA HP pre-insulated pipes are based on the proven technology of DELTA pre-insulated pipes, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Their construction complies with the PN-EN 15632 -1 and -3 standards and includes:

  • Conduit pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-a), compliant with the PN-EN ISO 15875 -1, -2, -5 standard.
  • Sleeves for cables: supply and control signal.
  • Insulation made of flexible polyethylene foam (PE), ensuring low heat losses.
  • Corrugated protective pipe made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), resistant to UV radiation, protecting the insulation and conduits from mechanical damage.

ADURO HEAT pump set

Application: Air-source heat pumps for domestic hot water

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for domestic hot water heating, and the ADURO HEATpump set is a comprehensive solution that facilitates installation and ensures reliable operation. This kit includes all the necessary components for effectively heating domestic hot water using heat pumps, offering easy installation and high efficiency.


Advantages of the kits

The ADURO HEATpump set is available in two configurations: 160 mm and 200 mm, allowing for perfect adaptation to various duct diameters: 150 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, and 200 mm. This flexibility makes the kit compatible with most heat pump models available on the market.

The main components of the kit include:

  • HEATPEX ARIA ADURO pipes, which feature excellent insulation properties, eliminating water vapor condensation. These pipes, each 1 meter in length, are available in the kit in sets of 2 pieces.
  • HEATPEX ARIA ADURO 45° elbows (4 pieces),
  • HEATPEX ARIA ADURO connectors (4 pieces),
  • 2 sealed wall transitions to facilitate installation.
  • 2 ventilation grilles, serving as intake or exhaust vents,
  • and rubber adapters for ducts with diameters of 150 mm or 180 mm.

ADURO HEAT pump set

Simple and fast installation

One of the key advantages of the ADURO HEAT pump set is its simple and fast installation. All components are joined together with push-fit connections, eliminating the need for tools. Additionally, the pipes can be easily cut to the required length, making the installation even more flexible and adaptable to specific building conditions.


The pipes are made of insulating material with a thickness of 17 mm, effectively preventing water vapor condensation on their surface. This not only ensures efficient installation but also durability and resistance to weather conditions.


The ADURO HEAT pump set is not only a comprehensive solution but also a flexible platform that can be easily expanded with additional ARIA ADURO system elements if needed, ensuring high performance, reliability, and ease of installation. This kit is the perfect solution for those seeking an efficient way to heat domestic hot water using heat pumps.