ARIA ADURO is an insulated ventilation ductwork system made of material with excellent insulating properties. It is used to transfer large air flows to and from the heat recovery unit. The system has been designed with semi-rigid ducting system for air distribution in single-family houses in mind and together with ARIA CONNECT system they provide a complete air distribution system for heat recovery ventilation HEATPEX ARIA. Quick installation, excellent insulation, and airtightness of the system are only some advantages of our solution. Explore them all!


ARIA ADURO is available in 3 of the most popular diameters of the heat recovery unit connectors – 125, 160, and 200 mm. The most common application of ADURO system is the connection of the heat recovery unit to the air intake and outlet grilles, as well as to the supply and exhaust distribution boxes. The system is perfectly adapted to ARIA CONNECT distribution boxes, but since its internal diameters are compliant with PN-EN 1506:2007 standard, they are coherent with the diameters of typical ventilation fittings.

The system consists of the following elements:

• Pipe in 1 m sections

• Bend 45°

• Connector with gasket

• Reducer

• Mounting bracket

• Damper

• Tee

• Duct silencer


The ARIA ADURO system is also equipped with a three-stage reducer enabling connection of each element in the three available diameters – 125, 160, or 200. Simply cut off the part corresponding to the unused diameter in a suitable place to obtain a reduction of 125 by 160 or 160 by 200. It is also possible to create a heat recovery ventilation system only using the ADURO ducts if it is not possible to use distribution boxes and 75 mm pipes.

Apart from straight sections and 45° bend (which can be combined to form 90° bends), the product range also includes a tee and a damper. Tees can be used to create a complex air distribution system based on multiple distribution boxes and when adding the dampers, the adjustment of this system becomes simple and very accurate.


The material used for the production of ADURO ducts has high insulating properties. By using graphite, heat is recirculated several times inside the pipe, and heat transfer is significantly limited. As a result, the insulation coefficient λ is only 0.029 W/mK. This corresponds to approx. 30-mm mineral wool insulation. This reduces and simplifies installation time compared to spiro metal pipes that require additional insulation.

The materials used and the patented OneClick® connection system as well as the design of the individual elements enable achieving the highest airtightness class – ATC 1 according to PN-EN-17192 standard, confirmed by tests performed by an independent laboratory. This means a three times higher tightness than class D systems, which translates into comfort for users in the form of lower noise levels and energy savings.

The design of ADURO pipe (the monopipe is made entirely of 1 element) and the connector with the gasket (low profile which does not increase the system diameter) ensures high tightness

DURABLE AND ULTRA-LIGHT – simple and quick installation

ARIA ADURO is an alternative to round metal ducts called SPIRO. However, it has advantage of 2 times faster installation. Since the system is 9 times lighter than traditional ventilation ducts based on metal pipes, fixing ARIA ADURO ducts to walls or suspending them under the ceiling is much easier. In addition, the installation speed is influenced by a dedicated mounting bracket, which you only need to attach to the wall using two plugs, place the pipe and tighten the clamp. The bracket is universal and matches each of the 3 avaialable diameters.

Thanks to the application of OneClick technology® known from the HEATPEX ARIA system, connecting further sections of ARIA ADURO system is faster and easier than ever before. The connection of individual pipe sections, and other elements is just as quick as possible. Simply slide the system connector onto both elements to connected them together. The supplied gaskets provides a tight connection so no additional sealing operations are required.

The material of the system elements, despite being very durable, can be easily and quickly cut to the required length using the simplest tools, even a utility knife. In addition, there are markers on the pipe placed every 5 centimeters to help cut a section of the correct length.

FREE ARIA PLANNER SOFTWARE will design a heat recovery ventilation system for you

The intuitive and free ARIA PLANNER application available on our website will design a heat recovery ventilation system for your house in 3 simple steps. Based on the size of the rooms, cubic volume and number of occupants, ARIA PLANNER will select the capacity of the heat recovery unit, calculate air flows for each room in the house, generate a bill of materials tailored to a specific house and prepare a design of the heat recovery ventilation system based on industry guidelines.