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Legionellosis is a disease caused by Legionella bacteria, especially Legionella pneumophila.

Legionella bacteria thrive best in aquatic or humid environments, particularly in bodies of standing water where sediment, rust, silt, and other biological deposits can accumulate. Conditions such as temperatures close to 40 °C and a lack of recirculation, coupled with the presence of sediment and biofilm, create an environment conducive to the growth of Legionella. Under optimal conditions, their growth occurs within 2-6 days. It’s important to note that infection does not occur through drinking contaminated water or by direct contact with an infected person. The sole source of infection is the inhalation of water-air aerosols.

Legionella bacteria flourish particularly well in equipment like hot tubs, humidifiers, garden sprayers, fountains, showers, and air-conditioning systems. Speaking of air-conditioning systems, ideal conditions for Legionella growth can be found in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, direct evaporation coolers, and rooms with sprinkler systems. Hence, it’s crucial to consistently maintain equipment in proper technical and hygienic condition.


Tests conducted on the Legionella pneumophila strain by Mikrolab Product, Water, and Environmental Testing Laboratory (PCA accredited) have demonstrated that the antimicrobial additive used in HEATPEX ARIA CONNECT ventilation pipes significantly reduces viable Legionella pneumophila bacterial cells.