Free cooling

Free cooling technology is both environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient than traditional cooling methods, resulting in lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. But what exactly is free cooling when it comes to heat recovery ventilation? Instead of relying on compressor-powered air conditioners, which consume electricity to cool the air, free cooling utilizes cool atmospheric air. This method proves particularly advantageous in regions with temperate climates, where daytime and nighttime temperatures significantly differ, enabling the natural temperature variation to be harnessed for cooling purposes.

The ARIA VITALE heat recovery unit comes equipped with a heat exchanger bypass, also known as a full bypass. This ingenious feature allows the entire outside airflow to be diverted directly to the supply air, bypassing the heat exchanger. This proves especially beneficial during hot summer days when we can take advantage of the so-called ‘free cooling. During summer nights, the outside air tends to be cooler than the air inside a building that has been heated up throughout the day. By directing this cool outside air straight to the air intake, we avoid passing it through the heat exchanger and raising its temperature, resulting in a more comfortable indoor climate. The moment of opening or closing the bypass is easily defined in the device’s settings, where temperature thresholds can be configured via the application, ensuring seamless and automatic operation.

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