Constant Airflow Regulation in ARIA VITALE Heat Recovery Units!

Constant Airflow Regulation in ARIA VITALE Heat Recovery Units! The Constant Flow sensors used in ARIA VITALE central units guarantee a consistent volume of air in the building, resulting in maintaining adequate indoor air quality and optimizing energy consumption.

In cases of fluctuating external conditions, such as variable thermal loads or changing humidity, constant airflow regulation plays a particularly crucial role. Ventilation systems need to be flexible and responsive to these changes to maintain optimal conditions inside the building.

How Constant Flow (CF) Sensors Operate in the ARIA VITALE Heat Recovery Unit

The sensors monitor the pressure on the supply and exhaust sides at designated points on each of the fans. Based on these readings, the system decides whether to increase or decrease fan speed. This allows for a constant volume of air, benefiting both room occupants and system stability, while avoiding unwanted odor distribution.

CF Sensors and Enhanced Ventilation Unit Efficiency

A constant airflow also positively impacts the heat exchanger’s efficiency, resulting in a higher annual heat recovery. In case of rising air humidity, water in the heat exchanger may limit airflow, reducing heat recovery effectiveness. Therefore, maintaining a constant flow brings benefits in terms of heat recovery, increasing unit efficiency, and improving its economics.

Automatic Airflow Regulation Based on Filter Contamination

Filter contamination is a significant factor that can affect changes in indoor air volume. When filters become dirty and allow less air to pass through, CF sensors immediately respond by increasing the airflow and compensating for the difference caused by filter contamination.

Energy Consumption Optimization in ARIA VITALE Heat Recovery Units

Constant airflow contributes to energy savings through precise adjustment of fan operation according to the actual building requirements. This, in turn, leads to optimized energy consumption and reduced operational costs.

It’s worth emphasizing that constant airflow regulation systems are advantageous for both building occupants and align with sustainable construction goals, improving building energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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