The idea behind the HEATPEX ARIA ventilation and heat recovery system is to meet the needs of Investors and Installers when it comes to a complete solution for single-family houses.

The process of setting up a heat recovery ventilation system installation begins with the design. This is why our website hosts the ARIA PLANNER application which will assist in and automate the documentation processes and generate a bill of materials for each investment in just a few minutes.

HEATPEX ARIA’s original OneClick technology enables very fast and convenient installation without the use of tools. Moreover, the system is one of the first on the market to meet the most restrictive ATC1 airtightness class. This ensures low operating costs and, together with the Ultra-Fresh® technology (total bactericidal activity at 99%), the highest air quality for the users.


Heatpex ARIA

Better air with us



The quality of the air in your home is one of the main factors affecting the way you feel, so keeping the air clean and fresh has a significant effect on your health. When breathing, you use the oxygen contained in the air and you breathe out carbon dioxide. Apart from CO₂, you are also exposed to other unwanted pollutants, such as moist, dust or unpleasant smells. As a result, you may develop a headache, have difficulty concentrating, feel nervous and clearly less comfortable.

In order to keep the optimum quality of the air inside your home, it is necessary to continuously remove the dirty air and to supply fresh outdoor air rich in oxygen to the interior. This is the role of ventilation.



The natural ventilation system used in the majority of  residential buildings is no longer an effective solution for modern, energy-efficient homes. Airtight doors and windows prevent infiltration of fresh, outdoor air. In a natural ventilation system, the ventilation strength depends on the difference of temperature between inside and outside of the building. This makes it inefficient in the summer when the difference minimal. On the other hand, in the winter the ventilation is too strong and too much warm air is removed from the building, which results in high heating bills.



The response to the shortcomings of a natural ventilation system is heat recovery ventilation (HRV). HRV continuously replaces polluted air with clean air, regardless of weather conditions or the season of the year and recovers the heat from the warm air removed from your house, keeping your heating bills low.

How does it work

System features


    With an original system of connections – OneClick technology, all the parts of the heat recovery system can be connected without any tools. If any modifications are needed during the installation of the system, the different parts can be disconnected easily without risk of damage. Thanks to flexible corrugated pipes the installation is very easy. No fittings, such as pipe elbows, are required.


    The pipes and other parts of the HEATPEX ARIA system are treated with the Ultra – Fresh® antimicrobial to make the air ducts resistant to microbes (99% reduction). This resistance has been confirmed by an independent laboratory in a test according to the ISO 22196 standard.

    The smooth inner surface of the air duct keeps dirt deposits to a minimum.

    The high hygienic quality of the HEATPEX ARIA system is confirmed by the Polish National Institute of Public Health.


    The optimal air flow through different parts of the system and double wall pipes helps to reduce the level of noise generated by the flowing air, which matters especially during the night.


    The system components are made of extremely light yet durable plastic material ensuring reliable operation for years, without the risk of mechanical damage or corrosion.

    More importantly the construction material used (PP – polypropylene) is considered safe as it poses no health hazard and is 100% recyclable.



    The careful design of each single part of the system and smooth inner surface of the pipes allow to keep the system’s pressure loss low.


    The small size of the HEATPEX ARIA system allows to conceal the parts of the system in the ceiling, either in the insulation layer covered with screed or inside the plenum space if a dropped ceiling is used.


    The modular design of the system makes it easy to customise its parts to the specific requirements of any building. This helps to reduce the number of parts which are left unused, to limit the space taken by the ventilation system to a minimum and to keep the costs of the entire project as low as possible.


    Through the use of appropriate materials and a patented system of connections OneClick technology between the individual parts of the system, we have achieved the top airtightness class for the system (ATC 1) according to the PN-EN 17192 standard. This means that the airtightness of the ductwork in our system is three times higher than that for class D. This is achieved with outusing any additional sealing material during the installation works. The ATC 1 airtightness class has been confirmed by tests performed by an independent laboratory.

Heatpex ARIA

Main side connector 125/160

The side connector is used to connect the main supply air or exhaust air pipe to either side of the distribution box. It is designed to be fixed into the oval slot on either side of the distribution box replacing one 3×75 module. If a 125 mm diameter pipe is used, the unused part should be cut off.

The highest airtightness class – ATC1 according to PN-EN 17192

  • To be fixed into the oval slot on either side of the distribution box, in place of a 3x75 module
  • Designed for connection of 125 mm and 160 mm pipes
  • It allows the connection of spiro pipes and flexible insulated flex pipes
  • Gaskets ensure tight and rigid connection
Length Height Width Material Catalog number
284 mm 171 mm 249 mm Polipropylen 524 110 001