Aria CONNECT accessories

Accessories for heat recovery system Heatpex Aria CONNECT, which are not essential for the system to work properly, but improve its performance and add new possibilities.

Also included here are components of distribution and plenum boxes. Those components allow to assembly a complete distribution or plenum boxes using the parts that are left from previous installations and buying only the missing components.

Aria accessories

Exhaust diffuser 125

Disc is used to extract air from rooms.

  • It is designed for installation inside the HEATPEX ARIA plenum box.
  • It comes with a flange with a gasket for high airtightness.
  • Diameter: 125 mm
  • It is manufactured from steel sheet, powder coated. Standard color white (RAL 9010).
  • Stepless adjustment of the air flow by turning the disc
Outside diameter [mm] Height [mm] Weight [kg] Material Catalog number
125 60 0.5 Steel 520 022 001